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The Sustainable City Plan: many pieces, one plan.  Where do you fit in?

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Santa Monica's Sustainable City Program

 FACTOIDS!   NEVs... have appeared throughout automotive history but have never experienced the wave of attention that they do today.  Major technological improvements have caused a flurry of activity to bring this promising technology to market.

 In 1994 Santa Monica's City Council originally adopted the Sustainable City Program to begin addressing the issues relating to sustainability. The Sustainable City Plan adopted by the city council in February 2003 includes goals for the city government and all sectors of the community, to conserve and enhance our local resources, safeguard human health and the environment, maintain a healthy and diverse economy, and improve the livability and quality of life for all community members in Santa Monica

Sustainable City Plan Structure

The Santa Monica Sustainable City plan is founded on nine Guiding Principals that provide the basis from which effective and sustainable decisions can be made. The plan includes eight Goal Areas which, taken together, present a vision for sustainability in the community.

  •  Resource Conservation

  •  Environmental and Public Health

  •  Transportation

  •  Economic Development

  •  Open Space and Land Use

  •  Housing

  •  Community Education and Participation

  •  Human Digity

For more info on the Sustainable City Plan please contact the city of Santa Monica Environmental Programs Division by phone at (310) 458-2213 or by email




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